Overwatch 2 Players Are Outraged by Tracer's Butt

In this edition of hard-hitting video game journalism, Overwatch 2 players are freaking out because of Tracer’s butt. After many years of waiting, the Overwatch 2 beta is now in full swing and allowing players the first opportunity to see how Blizzard has improved the title since releasing the first game. Overwatch is one of the most beloved shooters of the last decade and spawned a strong following, with many becoming invested in the lore and characters that make the game pretty special. With that said, some fans are convinced that Tracer, one of the more iconic characters, has had a notable change.

Earlier this week a tweet from Twitter user @Vulturfakes showed an image of Tracer in Overwatch 2 and her rear end is… quite small. Some fans took to the replies and quote tweets in outrage, with one suggesting that perhaps there was a downgrade and that Tracer was “desexualized” which sends the wrong kind of message about body positivity. This sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy, but there wasn’t any kind of change to the character. Tracer has always had a small butt. Twitter user Melonie Mac compared the character in both games and noted she has always looked like this. Some have speculated that people thought Tracer has more curves due to various pieces of fan art and… other “creative” uses of her that are not officially endorsed by Blizzard. As it stands, Tracer remains the same person as before.

No one asked, but here’s my review of the #Overwatch2 beta : pic.twitter.com/mTm1VMU136

Tracer has always had a small butt, I don’t know how the internet only noticed it now lol

I get the issue of taking curves away from female characters, but she never had them to begin with so I don’t see the issue pic.twitter.com/RtnY8aijpZ

Despite this brief moment of controversy, Overwatch 2 is being well received by its fan base. There’s no concrete release date for the game quite yet, but Blizzard has made a promise to decouple to PvP portion of the game from the PvE stuff, so players will be able to experience the game sooner rather than having to wait for the full package. The developer hasn’t shown too much of the aforementioned PvE content, so it may be further out than people expect.

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