Peacemaker Finale Officially Brings DC's Snyderverse and Gunnverse Together

By Kofi Outlaw
DC’s Peacemaker finale didn’t just bring an end to the Season 1 story and character arcs that showrunner James Gunn wove together – it also managed to finally bridge a big rift in the DCEU franchise. Ever since James Gunn stepped in to write and direct The Suicide Squad for DC and Warner Bros. (and then the Peacemaker TV spinoff), there have been fans who label his work as being DC’s “Gunnverse”. Gunn’s zany and irreverent style of crafting superhero stories is seen as being a far cry from the darker and more grim tone of Zack Snyder’s DC “Snyderverse” material – and it’s been something of a debate in the DC fandom… until now. 
Because as the Peacemaker finale clearly indicates, in James Gunn’s mind there’s no rift at all between the Gunnverse and the Snyderverse! 
In the Peacemaker finale, Peacemaker’s team goes into the final battle against the body-snatching aliens the Butterflies and their food source The Cow. It takes a lot of bloodshed (and blood loss), but the team emerges victorious. Just as Peacemaker and the squad are leaving the battlefield to lick their wounds, the Justice League finally shows up to save the world… late as usual. 
By now it’s out there that James Gunn actually pulled in the characters of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman), and even some of the actors Snyder brought into the franchise (Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller)! The scene was pure James Gunn, as Peacemaker mocks Aquaman for an alleged fish sex fetish – a rumor that Aquaman apparently has been dodging for a while. However, the Flash seems to indicate that maybe the rumor isn’t quite a rumor, after all, which only earns him a big “F-you” from Aquaman. 
By having the characters and actor of Zack Snyder’s Justice League show up in Peacemaker, James Gunn is acting as a literal Peacemaker for the DCEU franchise. There’s no division to be spoken off when we see all these characters playing together in such a fun way – it’s just one big DC sandbox to play in. 
That all being said, this Justice League cameo in Peacemaker does also side-step some of the lingering issues the franchise has – namely: 
Those are questions that Ezra Miller’s Flash may have to answer in The Flash movie in November. 
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