Pentiment Update Announced, Early Patch Notes Revealed

Pentiment’s first update has already been confirmed with Obsidian Entertainment saying on Friday that a hotfix is on the way in the next couple of days. An exact date for the release wasn’t given, but players got something even better instead: patch notes. These early patch notes give an idea of what’ll be changed when the update is released, though there’s always the chance that the update could add or take away some notes before it’s available.

Given that the game just came out, it makes sense that this next and first update will be geared entirely towards fixing bugs still present within the game. Some of those most pressing of those issues include one that would make it so that players would actually get spoiled by the game’s journal entries themselves. That’s obviously no good for a narrative-driven game like Pentiment, so it follows that the journal bug would be a top priority.

The early patch notes for Pentiment’s first update can be seen below with the journal bug at the top of the list:

Pentiment Hotfix 1.0.1215

Again, Obsidian hasn’t provided a release date for the Pentiment update, but it’ll be out within the next couple of days. If you haven’t yet checked out Pentiment, an overview of the game set in 16th century Europe can be found below:

“From Obsidian, this game is a historical narrative-driven game focusing on character development, heavily stylized art, and choice-driven storytelling in early 16th century Bavaria. Players will play as Andreas Maler, a clever illustrator caught up in a series of murders in Tassing and Kiersau Abbey over the course of twenty five years. Players will be responsible for conducting their own investigation to decide the fate of the community, but each decision will have lasting consequences and inexorably draws Andreas closer to the center of an underlying conspiracy.”

Pentiment director Josh Sawyer also recently talked about his time with the Fallout series (he directed Fallout: New Vegas, too) and said he’d be open to returning to Fallout once more.


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