Persona Insider Leaks New Game Starring Akechi

A prominent industry insider and leaker has leaked a new Persona game starring Goro Akechi from Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. As you would expect, the game in question isn’t Persona 6, which has yet to be revealed or even confirmed, but when it does, it will almost certainly star a brand new character. In other words, the subject of the new report is a Persona spin-off.

The report comes the way of Zippo, one of the most well-known sources when it comes to the Persona franchise. According to Zippo, this new game won’t be an RPG and will star Akechi, focusing “on his adventures and skills as a star detective.” Unfortunately, this is all Zippo divulges. There’s no word when the game will be revealed, but if you read between the lines, it sounds like its reveal may not be very far away.

As for the rumored protagonist, Goro Akechi is known as the second coming of the detective prince following in the footsteps of Naoto Shirogane in Persona 4. In the game, he’s investigating the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. He’s not a major character, which is why this report will come as a huge surprise to many fans of the series. That said, for now, this is just a report, which is to say it’s not official information. In other words, take it with a grain of salt.

At the moment of publishing, no implicated party has commented on this report in any capacity. We don’t expect this to change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on not just the Persona series, but all things gaming, click here.

Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts and hot-takes in the comments section or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you think of this new Persona report and what do you think this mystery game could be?


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