PlayStation VR2 News Teased by PlayStation Insider

Sony has been relatively quiet about its PlayStation VR2 as of late, but it looks like there’s a chance that’ll change in the next few weeks. Jeff Grubb on the latest installment of GrubbSnax suggested as much by offering a potential release window for the new virtual reality hardware as well as a suggestion as to when Sony might show off more of the headset and its peripherals. Unsurprisingly, the speculation about the latter is connected to the summer gaming events set to get underway in June.

Towards the end of the GrubbSnax episode, Grubb was asked by a listener if he’d heard any talks related to the PlayStation VR2 and, more specifically, if there were any plans for another big push before it releases. Looking back at how the original PlayStation VR was showed off during GDC first before it was launched and was released later that same year, Grubb pointed out that the PlayStation VR2 was showed off during this year’s GDC and said it’s “very likely” the hardware will launch during holiday 2022.

But even though people are already familiar with PlayStation VR by now and may just be enticed to get the follow-up headset off of that previous knowledge, it looks like Sony’s still going to be making another push for the gear before its release. Grubb said that based on what he’s heard, Sony intends to show off the PlayStation VR2 “in a more substantial way very soon.”

If Sony were to show off the new virtual reality gear soon, it follows that such a showcase would take place during the summer festivities all these big gaming companies are preparing for. While Xbox and Bethesda have announced plans for a joint showcase, Sony has not yet said anything about plans for a PlayStation equivalent, so it’s unclear right now to what degree PlayStation plans on showing off its games and possibly hardware. A PlayStation VR2 event focused solely on the VR gear isn’t out of the question, Grubb Speculated, but again, nothing’s been announced at this time.

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 gear does not yet have a release date, but a site has been set up for it wherein you can sign up for more info when that’s available.


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