Pokemon Go Announces February Events and Bonuses

By Christian Hoffer
Pokemon Go has announced its full slate of events and bonuses for February 2022, which will include the addition of a brand new Shiny Mythical Pokemon and a build towards the month-end Pokemon Go Tour: Johto event. After announcing that Hoppip would be February’s Community Day Pokemon, Niantic has provided more details about what will take place in Pokemon Go in February. Notably, the game will add Shiny versions of all four Deoxys forms, with the Pokemon joining 5-Star raids starting on February 16th. The Psychic-type Pokemon Espurr will be the featured Pokemon for completing Research Breakthroughs, with its Shiny form available for the first time as well. The Spotlight Hour Pokemon for the month will be Litleo, Spritzee, Koffing, and Voltorb.
A big focus of the coming month is Pokemon Go Tour: Johto, a paid event focusing on the 100 Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. As expected, all five Johto Legendary Pokemon will be featured in raids during the event on February 26th. Additionally, Pokemon Go will host a Pokemon Go Tour: Johto leadup event that will have a Poke Ball theme. Many players are speculating that this event will serve as an introduction for Hisuian Voltorb, a new form of the Poke Ball-shaped Pokemon that will be introduced in the soon to be released Pokemon Legends: Arceus game. Other events occurring in February include a Lunar New Year event and a Valentine’s Day event. The Valentine’s Day event notably serves as an introduction for a new Fairy-type Pokemon line, which most fans believe will be Flabebe and its evolutions. 
Other bonuses for February include increased candies and Experience Points for hatching eggs. Players will also receive 2 Raid Passes per day for spinning Gym Photo Passes. 
You can check out Pokemon Go’s full breakdown of its monthly events here. The Lunar New Year event kicks off on February 1st, so expect more details about that event in the coming days. 
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