Pokemon Journeys Preview Sets Up Lucario vs. Greninja

Pokemon Journeys is getting ready to bring Ash Ketchum’s Greninja back to the anime after several years away, and is now hyping up a battle between it and Lucario with some new preview images for the next episode of the series! The newest iteration of the anime has been celebrating the past by having Ash and Goh exploring every region of the franchise introduced so far, and this has led to the returns of lots of familiar faces from the past. This has included even Ash’s past Pokemon teams in prior episodes, but one fan favorite had yet to make their return.

After first being teased during the newest opening theme sequence for the anime, Pokemon Journeys will finally be bringing Ash’s Greninja back to the anime with the next episode. As Ash and Lucario ready themselves for their next major battle in the World Coronation Series, they’ll be heading to the Kalos region to get some help from Greninja in how to better harness their aura abilities. But Lucario being Lucario, a big battle between the two is going to break out. Check out some new images from the coming episode below as shared by Pokemon‘s official Twitter account:

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It seems like the battle might not go as Lucario would plan, however, as Episode 108 of Pokemon Journeys: The Series is titled “Lucario and Greninja! The Wave Guidance of Destiny!” and the episode is described as such, “In order to power up before entering the Master Class Top 8, Ash and Lucario decide to go see the Greninja Ash once traveled with in the Kalos region. Lucario challenges Greninja to a battle, but ends up being absolutely no match for it. However, it appears Greninja wants to tell Lucario something? And now, Lucario and Greninja’s wave guidance overlap!” But that’s only to kick off their teamwork for the rest of the episode.

Unfortunately by the looks of the synopsis and teaser materials, this will be the only time we’ll get to see Ash’s Greninja return to the series. But hopefully this comeback results in the fan favorite transformation for the Pokemon before it’s all over as that is one major reason fans had been hoping to see it again someday. But what do you think? What are you hoping to see from Greninja’s anime comeback? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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