Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Breaks Down Greninja's Return

Greninja has become one of the most popular Pokemon around, which is definitely a feat unto itself considering the water-type ninja monster arrived long after the first generation of creatures were introduced, hitting the scene as a part of Generation Six and the anime series Pokemon XY. Now, with Pokemon Journeys continuing to feature the return of both human characters and Pokemon from the anime series’ past, it seems that Ash’s Greninja is set to make a comeback, following the water-type’s departure from Ketchum’s roster and hunt for the remains of Giant Rock.

What made Ash’s Greninja so unique wasn’t just its skills on the battlefield, but a special transformation that the former Frogadier could rely on. Transforming itself to take on the aesthetic of its master, Greninja could change into a body that more closely resembled Ash himself, granting it a power boost, which is something that apparently the young Ketchum and Goh are looking forward to facing as they continue their journey at becoming the strongest trainers in the world. Greninja also had a significant role to play in the recent live-action film, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, showing how popular the ninja-like monster has become since first hitting the scene as a part of the sixth generation.

The official description for the 108th episode of Pokemon Journeys, which is set to see Greninja take on Lucario in an installment titled “Lucario and Greninja! The Wave Guidance of Destiny!’ reads as such:

“Ash and Lucario decide to go see Greninja, who once traveled with Ash through the Kalos Region, to power up and join the Masters Eight. Lucario challenges Greninja but he lacks the teet in battle. Does Ash want to tell something to Lucario about Greninja? Lucario and Greninja, the two waves are now overlapping!”

Pokemon Journeys has had a large number of episodes to its name, with many other seasons of the Pokemon anime series not making it to that key number in one hundred. With Ash taking on a new sidekick in Goh, fans are left wondering if Ketchum will continue to be the protagonist or if his quest to defeat Leon in the Galar Region might see the long-term protagonist hand off the torch once and for all.

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