Pokemon to Release Most Adorable Psyduck Merch Yet

Psyduck is definitely one of the most memorable Pokemon in the first generation of the beloved franchise, not due to his psychic abilities or appearance, but simply thanks to his air-headedness when it comes to any particular situation in the video games, the anime, or the recent live-action movie. Though Pikachu still reigns atop the many pocket monsters of the series as the franchise’s most popular, Psyduck has certainly come for the crown, with the yellow duck set to receive some adorable new merchandise later this year.

While Psyduck hasn’t had much of a role in the latest season of Pokemon’s anime, Pokemon Journeys, the fowl had a big influence on the first live-action feature film of the anime franchise, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, in which he accompanied a young reporter named Lucy Stevens, who is dragged into the mystery of the film. Much like his countless anime appearances in which he would cause Ash’s friend Misty some serious headaches, Psyduck wasn’t exactly the most useful of creatures throughout but played a significant role in the film and certainly was able to prove why it is so popular within the series.

Merchandise Producers Ensky has given a new look at the Psyduck teapot/watering can, which is set to be sold via their store this April and will retail for around $115 USD if you want to add this clueless Pokemon as a water distributor to your collection, which works well for the brain-addled fowl:

Currently, Ash and Goh don’t have much time for any shenanigans that might spawn from a Psyduck following them on their journey, with the pair of Pokemon trainers attempting to overcome the trainers of the Galar Region while also trying to capture some of the most powerful pocket monsters that they can. While there have been rumors of a sequel for Detective Pikachu on the live-action front, there hasn’t been much in the way of news when it comes to a potential release date, production start, and/or inclusion of Lucy Stevens’ favorite Pokemon.

Will you be picking up this adorable teapot? Do you want to see Psyduck play a larger role in Pokemon Journeys? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.

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