Poker Face Super Bowl Spot Calls Bullsh-t on M&Ms

In case it wasn’t already clear that Peacock is thrilled with the response for their new hit series Poker Face, they’re throwing down millions for a Super Bowl commercial this year. Even though the series has already premiered and released most of its episodes, the streamer is so confident in their series that they want to get it in front of the biggest TV event of the year. Peacock has released the Super Bowl ad for Poker Face early, revealing that the ad will take a meta-approach to things and features Natasha Lyonne‘s Charlie using her skills as a human lie detector to call out the other commercials, including the M&Ms.

Hailing from the Academy Award-nominated Rian Johnson, the man behind Knives Out, Glass Onion, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Poker Face is a mystery-of-the-week series that features a stellar ensemble cast. Rather than being a “Who dunnit?” like Johnson’s Knives Out movies, the formula for Poker Face is “How catach ’em?” with each episode revealing at the very beginning exactly who dies and who killed them, putting the onus on Lyonne’s character to figure it all out for herself.

Peacock hasn’t yet handed out a renewal for hte series but in a previous interview, Susan Rovner, the chairman of entertainment content at NBCUniversal TV and streaming, hinted at the future being very bright for Poker Face.

“It’s performed fantastic,” Rovner told THR. “We are over the moon.” She added, “I know we don’t give numbers…I can’t right now; hopefully at some point we will be able to but [Poker Face] is definitely punching above its weight. In addition to the actual numbers, we are also over the moon about the critical response. [It] has a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.” When asked about a renewal announcement, she added, “I think there’s probably going to be some good news at some point soon.”

Six episodes of Poker Face are now streaming on Peacock with new episodes premiering on Thursdays, with four left in the show’s first season.


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