Polar Intruder Delivers More Than Just the Tip of the Iceberg

In Polar Intruder, pulse-pounding sex, breast expansion, and scientific intrigue are just the beginning. Set in the frozen tundra of Antarctica, the howling winds and blinding snowstorms are the perfect backdrop for this sci-fi series from The Breast Expansion Story Club.

When three beautiful young scientists arrive at an old meteorological base to rescue the occupants who haven’t been heard from for months, they discover it’s not the simple rescue mission they thought it would be. After finding no one at the base, and discovering a gooey, pink substance all over the walls, the girls set out to unravel the many mysteries.

While investigating, two of the girls are infected with the pink goo, as a shape-shifting alien invader stalks throughout the base. The goo causes the girls’ breasts to expand massively, while their bodies begin to ooze the mysterious substance as they fulfill their sexual desires.

With the help of another unexpected visitor — the scientist that initially discovered the alien life form — the group learns the motives of the alien, its use of the goo, and it’s plans for the all male team of scientists that have disappeared.

Once the team finds the missing scientists, they realize the alien virus has had an unimaginable effect on the male captors. While freeing them from confinement was easy, they still have to battle the men’s uncontrollable libidos in an orgy for ultimate supremacy.

Authored and illustrated by erotic comics superstar J.J. McQuade, Polar Intruder is everything fans of sci-fi breast expansion hope for; a diverse cast of stunning woman, a number of exhilarating breast expansion scenes, a little bit of lesbian action, and a power struggle of an orgy for the grand finale.

The entire Polar Intruder series is now available at BEStoryClub.com. Check it out now to see how this breast expansion adventure unfolds.

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