PREVIEW: A clash of steel concludes in SEVEN SWORDS #5

The concluding issue of the supernatural swashbuckling series arrives in stores this week.
This week AfterShock Comics releases Seven Swords #5, the final issue of the series from writer Evan Daugherty, artist Federico Dallocchio, colorist Valentina Bianconi, and letterer Dave Sharpe. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the concluding chapter of the supernatural adventure series.

Here’s how AfterShock Comics describes Seven Swords #5:
The true nature of Cardinal Richelieu’s quite literally diabolical plan has been revealed, and now the Seven Swords must square off against an infernal nemesis the likes of which they’ve never encountered before. Even the most cohesive team would be hard-pressed to stand up to the taunts and temptations of the Devil himself – how can our heroes unite to slay Lucifer in the ultimate contest of swords when they can barely keep from killing one another?
Back when the series was first announced, writer Evan Daugherty listed a number of influences, from both the world of comics and elsewhere:
Daugherty says that he grew up as a fan of “rip-roaring swashbuckling” books, movies and TV series such as Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Three Muskateers, Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de Bergerac – both of which he re-read for this project — and Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride. He also revisited Richard Lester’s Muskateer series of films from the 1970s’ and Errol Flynn’s 1948 interpretation of Don Juan.
He then summons a “curveball” influence: the John Wick series. “I felt like these swashbuckling swords-for-hire were, in a strange way, sort of the mercenaries or hitmen of their era. In fact, as a shorthand, I often describe this series as ‘John Wick with swords.’ ”
On the comics front itself, Daugherty says that Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentleman “greatly inspired” this book. Meanwhile, the “pulpy quality” of pre-Unity Valiant comics, in particular Magnus Robot FighterTurokArcher & Armstrong, informed his approach.
Check out the exclusive four-page preview of Seven Swords #5 below. The final issue of the series arrives in stores and digitally tomorrow, January 26th.

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