PS4 Players Surprised With Free Gift

PS4 and PS4 Pro players have been surprised with a free gift. Unfortunately, if you’re on PS5 — or any other PlayStation console — you’re set to miss out on this freebie, as it requires a feature that is exclusive to the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Unfortunately, this free gift isn’t a free game or a free subscription to PS Plus or anything substantial, but free is free. More specifically, and if you haven’t already, you can currently redeem the Women Theme 2022, a free PS4 theme. And this is why the freebie doesn’t extend to PS5, as PS5 doesn’t have themes.

It’s currently unclear if the offer is a permanent one or a limited-time offer. Typically, these offers have an expiration date, but given the “2022” in the title, it’s possible this will be available to redeem all year, and maybe until a 2023 version is released. As for the theme itself, it’s been designed by Kaye Cao, a Senior Motion Graphic Designer at PlayStation Studios. And as you would expect, the theme was made for Women’s History Month 2022.

“With the month-long Women’s History Month 2022 commemoration ending today, we’d like to continue celebrating women in gaming with our PlayStation community around the world,” reads a blurb from PlayStation about the offer. “Our creative team at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has exclusively designed a PlayStation Women 2022 wallpaper for PlayStation 4. The theme is available to download for free through PlayStation Store.”

To download the theme, you will need to punch in a distinct code, and as you would expect, these codes vary from region to region. Below, you can find these codes, which are provided by Sony itself:

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