Randy Orton Says He Plans on Re-Signing with WWE

Randy Orton is one of the best in the game and will defend his Tag Team Titles alongside RK-Bro teammate Riddle at WrestleMania 38. Orton stopped by the Pat McAfee Show to talk about his big match as well as the industry and his career in WWE, and during the conversation, he talked about his relationship with Vince McMahon. The relationship between them has had its ups and downs, but Orton feels that one of the things Vince likes about him is that he started out a WWE guy and looks to end his career a WWE guy, and Orton is also planning on re-signing when his current deal is up.

When asked about the dynamic between him and McMahon, Orton said “It’s been a long, steady, growing one. Early on, most of our encounters was because I was fucking up. I was very fortunate because he took a liking to me. It’s kind of like a father figure on the road. I was so young and I think he saw a little something of himself in me because I’m a little batshit crazy and he’s seen me throw a tantrum or two and get emotional and lose it and I’ve had a couple of deep conversations with the guy. He’s known some of the troubles I went through. We’re kind of on a different level and I think he sees a little bit of himself in me. I think that’s why he took a liking to me.”

Orton then talked about his contract and he doesn’t plan on going anywhere. This is Orton’s 18th WrestleMania, and he hopes to be in the mix for at least 10 more. As for rumors of him leaving, Orton said that was just the internet and that they certainly didn’t start with him.

“I think he also sees that I’m a WWE guy, I started out a WWE guy, and I’m not going anywhere,” Orton said. “Even a couple of years ago, there might have been some chatter and some talk, but I wasn’t really the guy talking about going anywhere else. That was the internet and everybody. ‘Oh, this is interesting, I never said that.’ Here I am. My contract is up in a couple of years, and I’ll sign another one. I love this place. I love getting to do shit like [McAfee’s show]. WrestleMania, this is my 18th WrestleMania, here is to ten more WrestleMania’s.”

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