Randy Orton's Elden Ring Level is Absurdly High

Randy Orton has apparently been grinding the heck out of Elden Ring. The action RPG was released earlier this year to critical acclaim and commercial success. It’s one of the biggest games of 2022, even managing to steal attention from long-awaited games like Dying Light 2 and Horizon Forbidden West. In addition to just being a well-made game that’s fun to play, the online community has found ways to make it extra enjoyable thanks to wickedly fast speed runs and more. Its success has resulted in FromSoftware promising to expand the world of Elden Ring outside of gaming, which should be exciting for fans of the game.

WWE star Randy Orton revealed on Twitter that he is one of the bigger fans of Elden Ring. Orton noted how he is spending his free time while traveling by bus by playing Elden Ring. In response to a fan, the professional wrestler noted that he is an astonishing level 527 in Elden Ring, which may be a joke given just how absurdly high it is. With that said, given he’s spending a lot of time on the road, Elden Ring may be one of the few ways for him to entertain himself. Perhaps Orton’s love for the game also pushed him to look up some glitches where he was able to quickly level up.

8hrs by bus. I’m playing Elden Ring and celebrating myself. I had to take a bathroom break, so I decided to check up on Elon, and first thing I saw was your comment. I felt inclined to respond, so I did. Now I’m going to go back to slaying Demi-gods and absorbing their runes. ? https://t.co/9eLpDirf7m

527 lol

Elden Ring has clearly had a massive cultural impact as major celebrities aren’t just casually playing it, but investing heaps of their own time into it. Many Randy Orton fans responded to his tweets noting how impressive his commitment to the game was, stating that even they are barely a fraction of his in-game level. As of right now, FromSoftware hasn’t announced any concrete sequel or DLC plans, but it’s highly likely the developer will capitalize on the hype and produce more content for the game. Regardless, it seems like many are quite content with the game in its current state.

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