Reacher: Kevin Smith Loves Alan Ritchson in Prime Video Series, "Give This Guy a F-ckin' Award"

Every week Kevin Smith dispenses his feelings on pop culture and the goings on in our geek realms but the writer/director turned professional fanboy has a new love, Amazon Prime Video‘s Reacher, and specfiically series star Alan Ritchson. Speaking on his latest FatMan Beyond podcast, Smith couldn’t help but dispense plenty of praise on the recent TV hit (which has already been renewed for a second season after its success). “This f-ckin Reacher show is so f-cking satisfying,” Smith said. “Every episode is satisfying, I can’t think of a better word for it man. It’s like Batman with no cape that’s it, he just f-cking rolls around punching f-ckers and killing them.”

Smith continued, “I ain’t seen a more satisfying show in a long time. I put it up there with Peacemaker in terms of the body count, it’s crazy. This is wonderful…Give this guy a f-cking award. He should be nominated for one of the 10 Best Picture films, there. There’s your hot take for the week. Alan Ritchson, astounding….F-ck he’s good….If you had told me like flat out that’s the show you’re going to watch, I’d be like ‘I’m not going to like that’ and now I want to live it I love it so much. I just want to hang out with Reacher all the time.”

The praise didn’t stop there though as Smith gave it the highest praise possible, adding:

Here’s the best review I could give it. If I could dig up my father, my dead father, who has been dead for like almost 20 years, number one it would be a miracle because we cremated him, but if I could dig up his body and sit him in front of the TV to watch Reacher, it would literally bring him back to life because this show was made for my father.”

Smith routinely found new ways to bring up Reacher and his love for it throughout the show as well, pitching a theoretical Jack Reacher video game when asked about his favorite comic book video game.

If you haven’t joined the church of Reacher with Reverend Smith just yet, the first season of Reacher is now streaming on Prime Video with a second season already ordered by the streamer.

I haven’t learned anything yet, but the term ‘spreading like wildfire’ was used,” showrunner Nick Santora previously told TV Line. “I don’t know how to qualify ‘wildfire,’ but… the show is just doing incredibly well.”


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