Red Dead Online Update Kicks Off a Month of Rewards

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online updates frequently cater to the community as a whole, but sometimes, they focus exclusively on one or two of the Jobs available in the online game. This week is one of the latter with the latest update focused on Bounty Hunters, but its incentives last a bit longer than just a week. Some of those rewards and bonuses are available now while others have been spread out from now until the start of April, Rockstar announced.

Called “Bounty Hunting Season” in the latest announcement, Rockstar’s Red Dead Online update has rewards planned for Bounty Hunters as well as a way for other players to get started within the profession easily by taking five Gold Bars off the cost of a Bounty Hunter License. Bounty Hunters will then get twice the RDO$ and XP on Regular Bounties with triple rewards divvied out for Legendary and Infamous Bounties throughout the rest of the month.

Crime is rife on the frontier.

New Red Dead Online players, kickstart your vigilante career with 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License.

Players of all levels can earn Bounty Hunting Rewards, 3X Payouts on Weekly Featured Series all month, and more:

Bounty Hunters who play between now and April 4th will get 150 Revolver Cartridges and a free Honor Reset while the Prestigious Bounty Hunters will get a free Bounty Clear just for playing. A number of other rewards geared towards Bounty Hunters like a free outfit are being given away here and there, but one of the real incentives to keep players hunting bounties comes from the weekly rewards being given out from now until April. You’ll have to complete different tasks to get those rewards instead of just logging in and claiming gifts, but they’re things you probably would’ve been doing anyway in Red Dead Online. All those challenges and rewards can be seen below:

Red Dead Online’s Weekly Bounty Hunter Rewards

Red Dead Online’s Bounty Hunter Season is live now and will continue until April 4th.


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