Resident Alien's Alan Tudyk Pitches His Wash/Harry Crossover

As unbelievable as it seems, fans are already in the back half of Resident Alien‘s second season. The series, which stars Firefly and Doom Patrol actor Alan Tudyk as an alien who crash-landed on Earth and is impersonating a human while planning an invasion of the planet, airs Wednesdays on Syfy, and Tudyk is clearly in his element. Playing Harry gives him a chance to do lots of comedy, but with a little pathos, and to play a villainous character that the viewers can’t really bring themselves to hate. It’s a bit of everything for an actor.

Harry as an actual character, though? He would be hard to get along with. So we asked Tudyk which of his numerous larger-than-life characters he would have meet Harry if time, money, and all the other variables were thrown out, and such a thing was possible.

“Wash from Firefly, just because then Wash is alive,” Tudyk joked, referring to the character whose death in the Serenity movie broke fans’ hearts.

“Also, the character of Wash is very close to me as a person — like, the way he thinks,” Tudyk added. “In a situation, he’d be great next to Harry because he was always bringing in logic. When people would say, ‘All right, everybody, load up, get your guns. We’re going in,’ Wash would be like, ‘Wait a second. Is there talking? Is talking on the table, at least? Is it just guns? We go guns first. And then speaking, why don’t we talk. There’s talk…or running. I’m comfortable running.’ That next to Harry? That relationship would work. So it would be fun to see those two.”

Wash and the Firefly/Serenity crew have appeared in numerous comics from Dark Horse, the current publisher attached to Resident Alien, so it’s theoretically plausible that somebody at Dark Horse could make this happen, assuming neither set of rights has lapsed. He even had an idea for how it could happen, and nobody would notice that the two characters look exactly alike.

“[Harry] would be in alien form!” Tudyk said. “It could be a mini series comic, of a time before maybe Firefly, when Hoban Washburne was flying a different shi,p and actually meets an alien, because there’s no aliens in Firefly‘s world. That was one of the sad things about their realization that they went out into the verse was that aliens don’t exist.”

Resident Alien airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.


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