Rick and Morty Just Debuted Season 6's Heaviest Episode Yet

Rick and Morty Season 6 is now in the final three episodes of the season overall, and the newest episode of the series certainly surprised fans with a deep dive into Rick Sanchez! The sixth season got off to a much different start than seasons past as it not only promised that there would be more ties to the overall continuity of the series, but fans have gotten to see a new look into Rick as a person following all of the reveals in the fifth season. But as the seventh episode went wild, fans had no idea what to expect from Episode 8.

While Episode 7 of the season might have thrown out the traditional formula set by the rest of the season, it also made sure to stay within the continuity with the return of some characters we haven’t gotten to see for a while. That continues with Episode 8, “Analyze Piss,” that sees Rick reaching out to another returning fan favorite character for some help in figuring some stuff about himself out. Here’s the breakdown of everything important that happened during Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 8 below:

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