RoboForce: The Animated Series Opening & Theme Song Revealed (Exclusive)

Straight from their Los Angeles Comic-Con panel, Nacelle has just revealed the official show open and theme song for RoboForce: The Animated Series, the highly anticipated reboot from the fan-favorite production company. With the first footage premiering at the con, has your first official look at RoboForce: The Animated Series opening, including the brand new theme song. Check it out in the player above for yourself! Matthew Margeson (Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Rocketman), has composed the opening theme song for RoboForce: The Animated Series; while the show’s underscore will be written by composer Andrew Johnson.

The reveal of RoboForce: The Animated Series‘ official opening and theme song comes after another major announcement for Robo Force. This week it has been confirmed that Dwayne Johnson is boarding RoboForce: The Animated Series as a co-producer. Via his Seven Bucks Productions banner, Johnson will serves as Executive Producer alongisde Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia and Brian Gewirtz. Brian Volk-Weiss will direct and serve as executive producer alongside Cisco Henson, Matt Kravitsky, and Michael Goodman for Nacelle. Gavin Hignight and Tom Stern are co-writing RoboForce: The Animated Series and also serve as Executive Producers. Cartoon Conrad (Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go, Netflix’s Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie) serve as the lead animation studio for the series.

In a statement, Nacelle Founder and CEO, Brian Volk-Weiss said: “I’ve long recognized the impact that a theme song has on the success of a cartoon, which is why we started working on it long before the scripts were finalized; we put a lot of love into these 68 seconds!”

Added Matthew Margeson, “There’s something uniquely special about cartoon theme songs from the 70’s-90’s. Trying to evoke that quality, while rolling in a modern component was tremendously fun. We’re really excited with what we landed on.”

In 2089, the latest version of Soraya Aviram’s RoboForce debuted with plans to assist a new intergalactic society on Earth. Unfortunately, the same day as the announcement, Soraya’s rival, Silas Duke, revealed his new Utopia Aegis 101 line of bots, which made RoboForce immediately obsolete. RoboForce split up and was forced into menial jobs for 15 years without hope of ever being heroes… Until suddenly, a rogue code infected the Utopia Aegis 101’s to turn on humanity, and no one else besides Maxx 89 and the rest of RoboForce has a chance to stop them.

After making a name for themselves with hit Netflix series The Toys That Made Us and its spinoff The Movies That Made Us, Nacelle has begun to assemble a regular Infinity Gauntlet of classic properties that are primed for a revival. Confirmed properties that Nacelle has picked up, with an toward new toys and maybe new cartoons, include Robo Force, Sectaurs, Biker Mice from Mars, The Great Garloo, Power Lords, and Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa. Nacelle is working alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort and Fubo for the new Biker Mice from Mars animated series.


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