Rocket League Announces X-Men '97 Event

Just after some Rocket League leaks indicated that the soccer car game might be getting an X-Men event soon, Psyonix and Epic Games confirmed those reports to be true by announcing a crossover with the new X-Men ’97 show on Disney+. Like any other Rocket League event, this means that players will see some free items and some paid ones added to the game once the event goes live on April 23rd. A preview of those was shared this week to show what players will get just from completing challenges and what they’ll have to pay for to obtain.

Yes, Wolverine is most definitely included in this Rocket League x X-Men ’97 crossover, for those who might be wondering. He’ll get a goal explosion as well as a decal for the Octane vehicle body, but you’ll naturally have to pay for those since those are some of the ones people will be wanting the most. Most of the actual vehicle decals are relegated to the Rocket League shop to be purchased with things like toppers and trails included in the list of free unlockables.

Below is a breakdown of all the free loot you’ll earn via completing challenges as well as the paid items and bundles that’ll be live on April 23rd when this event starts:

While not technically an X-Men ’97 item, there’s also a challenge that asks you to play 20 online matches and rewards you with a Golden X-Crate that contains items from the Champions, Vindicator, or Velocity Series. You can earn that Golden X-Crate up to five times, and the 12th and final challengs is one that’ll give you 20,000 XP every time you win 10 online matches. Lastly, there’s a Mutant Player Title you’ll be able to claim for free in the Free Item section of the shop.

X-Men Mega Bundle (1,500 Credits)

X-Men Mega Bundle + Fennec (2,000 Credits)

X-Men Decal Pack (1,000 Credits)

Given the connections between Rocket League and Fortnite under the ownership of Epic Games, there’s reason to believe Fortnite may soon see some X-Men ’97 content, too, though that remains to be seen.


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