Samoa Joe Returns at ROH Supercard of Honor, Is Now Signed to AEW

Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor saved one of its biggest surprises for last, and that surprise is now also part of the All Elite Wrestling roster. Jay Lethal had a big of a rollercoaster night tonight, but it was nothing compared to who would come out to greet him at the end of the show, as Samoa Joe’s music hit and signaled his return to Ring of Honor. Joe got a massive pop from the crowd as he made his way to the ring and come face to face with Lethal, but then Tony Khan confirmed that Joe is indeed All Elite.

Joe had a promo after Supercard of Honor went off air, saying “Well I see you all have missed me. Now if you’ll allow me, let me tell you a little story. You see, many many years ago, the hungriest, the truest, and the greatest professional wrestlers in the world came together, and they came together in a ring that we called R…O…H. And the majority of men and women who have stepped in this ring and stepped out of it have gone on to rule this industry.”

Samoa Joe is BACK in Ring of Honor! #SupercardOfHonor

Joe continued, saying “Now we stand here on the precipice of a new era, with new men to take up the cause, with new wrestlers to be the best of the best in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Samoa Joe, this is Ring of Honor, and we are pro wrestling!”

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