Saturday Night Live Fans Aren't Loving Weekend Update

Weeks after Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update segment went viral for a mysteriously shortened bit, the sketch is garnering plenty of social attention once again. Once a pair of guest characters Twitter didn’t care for appeared, Weekend Update started to trend once people started tossing their unfavorable reviews out onto the internet.

Saturday’s episode was hosted by Zoe Kravitz, who even had a bit of a Catwoman party during her opening monologue. Longtime SNL comedian Kate McKinnon dressed up as Michelle Pfeiffer while Ego Nwodim appeared as Earth Kitt’s take on the character. Still, fans still say it wasn’t enough to overcome the weekly news segment.

Keep scrolling to see what SNL fans are saying.

Zoe Kravitz is good on SNL and carrying the show, then Weekend Update came on and ruined everything.

#WeekendUpdate just isn’t funny anymore, which is mind boggling ad they have sooo much material to work with these days. #SNL

The past couple of Weekend Updates have been disappointing. I hate to say it but maybe it’s time for a shakeup? #SNL

Weekend Update missed an opportunity to make a good Kim K joke this week, wonder why they didn’t ?#SNL

@nbcsnl Holy crap, one of the best parts of SNL was Weekend Update, now it’s a intro for lame characters. Stupid

@nbcsnl Please stop with the editorial guests on #WeekendUpdate (exception is any #KateMcKinnon character). They go on way too long and are not funny. Just the top stories please. Thanks.

Not even Weekend Update was funny tonight, this show was a TOTAL loser.


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