Scream 6: Jasmin Savoy Brown Already Has Us Worried About Her Character's Fate

By Jamie Jirak
Less than a month after the fifth Scream hit theaters, it was announced that the franchise would be getting a sixth installment. It’s been confirmed that Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will be returning to direct the movie, but there’s been no official word on the film’s cast. However, plenty of people survived the fifth movie, and fans are hoping to see the surviving newcomers again. Jasmin Savoy Brown recently rose to fame by playing young Taissa in Yellowjackets, but fans also loved her turn as Mindy Meeks-Martin in Scream. She was joined by Mason Gooding, who played her brother, Chad Meeks-Martin. Brown posted about the Scream 6 news on Instagram, which has us worried about the fate of the Meeks-Martin kids. 
“What if only one of us survives? 😳,” Brown wrote. “Baby we all watched Yellowjackets we know it’d be you 😪,” Gooding joked in the comments. You can check out the post below:
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Considering there was more than a ten-year gap between the fourth and fifth Scream movies, some fans might be a little hesitant about getting a sixth installment so soon. However, the filmmakers previously revealed that they’ve had many ideas brewing for their follow-up. 
“I think I can say that we love both ideas and I think we want to pursue both things. We have a bunch of really fun, original things that we’re working on,” Gillett explained to Collider. “We know that there’s been a conversation about Ready or Not. We certainly know that [writers] Guy [Busick] and Jamie [Vanderbilt] have amazing ideas about where Scream could go after this last one. We just want to be involved in all of it. I think once you’ve had an experience with people that really changes you, not only creatively, but fills your heart up and fulfills you, really, in ways that I think we all never thought we would be fulfilled, you just want to replicate that as many times as possible. And so I know we’ll have a ton of really amazing stuff with Guy and Jamie and William [Sherak] and Paul [Neinstein], the Project X team. I think we’ve got a lot of really fun, original stuff coming up as well. So I think a bit of all of it. But this was a unique challenge and I think it scratched an itch we don’t know we had, and I think it’ll continue to itch. So hopefully there’s more.”  
Scream is now playing in theaters. 
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