Silk: Spider Society Showrunner Breaks Silence on New Marvel TV Series

Sony is beginning to develop a whole slew of streaming series based on their universe of Spider-Man characters that will be released on Amazon Prime Video, and they just announced that the first series will be based on Silk. Silk: Spider Society is being developed for Prime Video along with all of their other series and will be written and produced by The Walking Dead’s Angela Kang, who will also serve as showrunner. It is currently unclear if these series will connect with Venom, Morbius or any of their upcoming films, and the role hasn’t been cast. Kang didn’t get a chance to comment on the series publicly, but she’s finally breaking her silence on Silk: Spider Society.

“Was a lot going on when this was announced, so a little belatedly, here’s my new gig ??,” Kang wrote on Instagram. “I love this character and working with @phillordy & @chrizmillr is as delightful as you’d imagine. Grateful to Lord Miller + Amy Pascal, @sptv & my new creative home @amazonstudios for the opportunity to tell the story of @marvel’s Cindy Moon/Silk/??!”

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When the series was announced, Kang released a statement, which reads: “I’m beyond thrilled to be joining the Amazon Studios family for this next chapter of my career. I look forward to working with the executive team on diverse, character-forward, watercooler shows for a global audience and am so excited to dive into my first challenge-bringing Korean-American superhero Silk to life on screen.”

Silk is Cindy Moon, a character who debuted in Amazing Spider-Man comics in the mid 2010s, created by writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos.

In the retcon origin story, Cindy was a Korean-American girl who was present on the class trip where Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider; after Peter was bitten, Cindy was also bitten and gained her own version of spider-themed abilities. However, when Cindy was unable to control her powers she was taken away by a would-be mentor (Ezekiel)and spent years training, before being locked away in a facility with other Spider-powered warriors, in effort to hide form the Multiversal stalker of all Spider-warriors, Morlun. When Peter Parker/Spider-Man finally defeated Morlun, Cindy was freed back into the world and became the hero Silk.

Amazon Prime describes the series as follows: “Based on characters created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, Silk: Spider Society is inspired by the Marvel comics and follows Cindy Moon, a Korean-American woman bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, as she escapes imprisonment and searches for her missing family on her way to becoming the superhero known as Silk.”

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