Small Press Spotlight: What happens after the fight in ALL GUTS NO GLORY?

The Zenescope miniseries focuses on the cleanup teams after a monster battle
It’s Small Press Spotlight time! This week, we take a look at a comic that focuses on the unsung heroes of the monster battle–the cleanup team. In Zenescope’s All Guts No Glory, it’s clear that the world needs highly trained operatives to keep them safe from monsters and other supernatural issues, but those battles can get quite messy and destructive. Who cleans up when the dust settles? Craig and Jimmy, of course. 
Read the synopsis here:
Unbeknownst to the general population, there are highly trained military teams who bravely protect us from dozens of species of monsters that we don’t know exist!  And then there are the guys who clean it all up… Craig and Jimmy are those guys. And while Craig has accepted his lot in life, Jimmy, on the other hand, desperately wishes to one day become an elite monster hunter himself. But when Craig and Jimmy stumble onto a charming vampire named Sara, they’ll be forced to decide if they should risk everything to help save her soul.
Written by Ralph Tedesco (The Courier, Man Goat & The Bunnyman) and with art by Guillermo Fajardo (Grimm Fairy Tales, Man Goat & The Bunnyman), the three-part miniseries’ first installment hit stores end of January, featuring two cover options: one by Mike Krome and Ivan Nunes and another by Riveiro and Grostieta.
Check out the covers for All Guts No Glory #1 here and get your copy here!
All Guts No Glory


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