Spider-Man Battles a Major X-Men Villain in New Preview

Spider-Man clashes with a classic X-Men villain in a new preview for Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The new Spidey comic comes from the creative team of Black Eyed Peas member Taboo team, writer B. Earl, and artist Juan Ferreyra. Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man is a darker take on the wall-crawler compared to ongoing series like Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man. Instead of taking place in New York City, Spider-Man will travel to Los Angeles as the city is overrun with demons. The supernatural typically isn’t Spider-Man’s bag, but Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man takes Peter Parker out of his element for a battle with the Demon Bear, the antagonist from The New Mutants live-action movie.

Marvel’s preview of Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 by Taboo, B. Earl, Juan Ferreyra, and VC’s Travis Lanham starts off with a grandfather retelling a story to his granddaughter about a coyote and spider encountering a magical rock. Next, we see Spider-Man in an intense fight with the Demon Bear as the LA scientist Crystal Catawnee works diligently at a computer. It’s noteworthy that Spider-Man has yellow energy oozing out of his eyes, most likely tied to the nightmares he’s been experiencing.

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man is the newest Spider-Man series from Taboo, B. Earl, and Juan Ferreyra.

“Being the first Indigenous writer to co-write this new Spider-Man comic with my brother B. Earl is a huge step in opening more doors for underrepresented talent to shape universally known comic characters,” Taboo said in a statement to SYFY WIRE. “As a lifelong fan of everything Spider-Man, this is a childhood dream come true. To go from collecting toys to penning our own Spidey story that brings our hero to my place of birth, Los Angeles, California — Pasadena to be exact — we are humbled and thankful. I see all the opportunities our Marvel family has given us as writers and truly appreciate their trust and ongoing support. We transformed their confidence into fuel that ignited our creativity to write a fun and exciting read for all our amazing Marvel Heads!”

B. Earl and Taboo co-wrote Marvel’s latest take on Werewolf by Night, who received his own Disney+ special this year timed to Halloween.

“Not going to lie, taking on Spider-Man is both scary and invigorating,” Earl said. “Taboo and I have been on an incredible journey with our Marvel family, from creating a brand-new Werewolf By Night series to launching a solo story for Kushala: Spirit Rider. Being trusted with Marvel’s most iconic superhero, Spider-Man, is an honor for this Jersey kid who went to bed imagining he was swinging through the streets of Manhattan, saving the city. When Taboo and I found out we had the go-ahead for a new Peter Parker adventure, we began earnestly weaving a tale that would lean into our strengths of pulling from Indigenous storytelling while balancing the intersection of pop culture. Since we’re both in LA, we decided to bring Spidey out to sunny California…but spin a fantastic tale of dark horror that ultimately will turn our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man DEADLY!”

The preview of Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 is below. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, November 23rd.


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