Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals First Look at Tom Holland's "Miles Morales" Costume Cut From the Film

One of the highlights of superhero movies is all the variations in a hero’s costumes. Ever since Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every one of his solo movies has introduced a different superhero suit. Spider-Man: No Way Home featured a couple of different costumes for the wall-crawler, and a behind-the-scenes featurette shows how they were all brought to life. Included in the footage is also a suit worn by Tom Holland that mirrors the one worn by Miles Morales, another popular Spider-Man hero and star of his own animated franchise.

The featurette is titled “Spider-Suits, Goblin Gliders and the Costumes of the Multiverse – Spider-Man: No Way Home.” It goes into detail with the Spider-Man: No Way Home cast and crew, who discuss what went into making that very special movie magic. Costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays reveals how the Spider-Man masks are made. Surprisingly, the actors don’t put them flesh on their heads. Instead, they first slide on skullcaps that are molded to their heads. “Those are intricate to make them as tight as possible,” she says. As she speaks, Holland can be seen in front of a blue screen wearing a black costume with red webbing running up and down it, along with some red on the gloves. It’s very similar to the costume Miles Morales originally wore in the Marvel Universe, and in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Something else discovered after Spider-Man: No Way Home delivered a robust box office is how Tom Holland’s body was fake for half of the Sony/Marvel movie. Holland was originally supposed to be wearing the red and black suit he first donned in Spider-Man: Far From Home for the final chunk of the threequel. However, the nanotech-infused Integrated Suit was eventually added. Because it was so late in the production process, Tom Holland’s body had to be digitally recreated using the updated suit.

“About halfway through the film, Peter gets the nanotech back from Doc Ock, right. He cures him, and it comes off of his arms and it creates this hybrid suit over his, whatever it was he’s wearing in Happy’s condo, right? But that idea of that came with all after shooting,” Digital Domain’s Scott Edelstein told ComicBook.com.

“They had shot essentially half of the entire movie with him wearing this black and red costume that now wasn’t correct to him getting that nanotech. So almost half of the film, his body from the neck down is completely CG and hopefully nobody knows,” Edelstein added.

From the moment Peter Parker (Holland) gets the nanotech in Happy’s condo, Holland’s body is entirely computer-generated using a digi-double.

“The entire thing with Aunt May where he’s holding her and interacting with her, and then the third act stuff, with them coming up with all the cures, and the whole fight at the Statue of Liberty, his body of CG the entire time, which is pretty crazy,” he concluded.

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