Spider-Man: Peter Parker Returns In New Marvel Preview

By Jamie Lovett
Peter Parker begins his return to the Marvel Universe as Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #87. Recently, Parker was hospitalized and comatose after a fight that nearly killed him. With Parker out of action, his clone, Ben Reilly, stepped up to become the new Spider-Man with the corporate backing of the Beyond Coporation. But now Ben has discovered some unsavory secrets about the Beyond corporation that have cost him some of his memories. With Ben Reilly focused on Beyond, is this Peter Parker’s chance to reclaim his mantle as the one and only Amazing Spider-Man, relegating Reilly to the past?
Mabe, but not as quickly as he’d like. Parker’s first post-coma excursion saw him struggle with a pair of street crooks. Now he’s called in Captain America and Black Cat for some help. Can he get back into prime swinging shape ahead of Amazing Spider-Man‘s relaunch? (We’re guessing he’ll be fine.)
What do you think of Peter Parker’s return as Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments. Amazing Spider-Man #87 goes on sale on Wednesday, January 26th. 
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