Splatoon 3 Reveals New Splatfest Results

This weekend, the latest Splatfest took place in Splatoon 3, tasking players with choosing their favorite type of chocolate. Players could choose between Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate, with each one being represented by a different idol. The results are in, and the winner was Team White Chocolate in every category! In a major shock, the team won all 57 points that were up for grabs, which is quite a bit different from how things shook out in last month’s competition between Spicy, Sweet, and Sour!

Splatfests have been a major part of Splatoon’s appeal starting with the first game in the series on Wii U. The first two Splatoon games tasked players with choosing between two different options, but Splatoon 3 changed things up, tasking players with choosing between three. Ideally, players are supposed to pick their favorite of those options, but there are a lot of influences at play! I opted for Team Milk Chocolate, but was very tempted by Team Dark Chocolate, as I tend to find it underrated (Milky Way Midnight is candy bar bliss). Some players will even make their pick based on their favorite idol. This time around, Shiver was on Team Dark Chocolate, Frye was Team Milk Chocolate, and Big Man was on Team White Chocolate.

Nintendo has yet to reveal any information about the next Splatfest, but the company did reveal some interesting details about the game’s upcoming Expansion Pass. The pass will cost $24.99, and will release in two waves. The first will feature a new hub for players to hang out in, which is based on Inkopolis from the original Wii U Splatoon game. If players visit during Splatfest competitions, they’ll even get to see Callie and Marie perform! The second wave seems to be a bit more significant, as it will feature a new campaign called Side Order. Readers interested in finding more information about the Expansion Pass can do so right here.

Which team did you rep in the Splatfest? Are you surprised Team White Chocolate won it all? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!


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