Spy x Family Episode 11 Now Online: Watch

Spy x Family is easily one of the biggest new anime series to arrive in 2022, with the anime adaptation becoming the most popular television series in Japan as it stands by following the hilarious, and sometimes deadly, story of the Forger Family. With the youngest member of the trio, Anya, continuing to navigate her way through the prestigious Eden College in order to assist her father, Loid, in completing his quest as the master spy Twilight, the latest episode is seeing the father of the family attempting to undergo some extreme measures to make sure that peace is upheld between two warring nations.

With the anime adaptation currently close to halfway through its first season’s episode count, fans should prepare for an upcoming break, as the first cours’ conclusion of the series will take place following the arrival of episode twelve, with the series set to return with new episodes this fall. Based on the events that we’ve seen so far, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised should the final episode of the first cours end with a cliffhanger when it comes to the trio of the Forger Family.

The Official Twitter Account for Spy x Family shared a new clip to celebrate the arrival of the eleventh episode of the series from Wit and CloverWorks, continuing to give hints as to the current mission of Anya within the halls of Eden College as Loid and Yor lend support as a master spy and a world-class assassin:

New mission: watch episode 11 of SPY x FAMILY now on Crunchyroll! ?

WATCH: https://t.co/DvakviCRZW pic.twitter.com/FPLdrbR0Nk

The description for the latest episode of Spy x Family, which you can currently find streaming on Crunchyroll, reads as such:

“In order for parents to attend one of the social gatherings at Eden College, their children need to be Imperial Scholars, but Anya hating to study makes this rather difficult. Loid then comes up with a plan to get Anya to get Stella Stars by doing community service rather than with her academics. But when she ends up volunteering at a hospital, she continuously messes up. Later, she hears a child drowning in a pool with her telepathy and…”

What are your predictions for the Forger Family prior to the conclusion of this first batch of episodes of the anime adaptation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Forgers.


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