Spy x Family Episode 5 Has Landed: Watch

Spy x Family has managed to find, what many anime fans consider, to be the perfect blend between hilarity and espionage, with Loid Forger, aka the master spy known as Twilight, attempting to accomplish his current mission by putting together a fake family. With his newfound wife hiding a secret as a world-class assassin and his newfound daughter being a secret telepath, the latest installment of the anime adaptation has arrived. With the previous episode seeing Anya going through a tough time at Eden College, it seems that the Forger Family’s journey is far from over.

In the previous installment of the anime from CloverWorks and Wit Studio, we witnessed Loid, Yor, and Anya attempting to pass the entry exams of Eden College, with the day going from bad to worse as the trio had to deal with rampaging beasts, nefarious headmasters, and their own inability to hide their true selves. With the current episode seemingly revealing whether or not Anya has been accepted into Eden, it seems that Loid will be placed into quite a sticky situation wherein he has to slap on a mask while also seemingly fighting against none other than his wife, Yor.

Crunchyroll released the big news that the next episode of Spy x Family has landed, with the Forgers reeling following the big news that Anya was not immediately accepted into the university known as Eden College, making the mission of Twilight that much more difficult to accomplish:

Episode 5 of SPY x FAMILY is now available on Crunchyroll!

? WATCH: https://t.co/qaRrzoiFJu pic.twitter.com/wEZ5q8qU88

The official description of Spy x Family’s fifth episode from Crunchyroll reads as such and can be watched here:

“The day that Eden College would announce the applicants that successfully got into the school had finally arrived, but Anya’s number is not listed. The Forgers fall into the depths of despair but are greeted by Henderson. He praises them for their interview and tells them that Anya is at the top of the waiting list. Three days later, they find out that Anya got into the school! Franky comes over to celebrate with the Forgers and they all agree to reward Anya for working so hard. What Anya asks for…”

How have you felt about Spy x Family so far? Do you think it has become the new anime of the year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Forger Clan.


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