Star Trek Origin Movie Set to Add X-Men Producer

Star Trek is getting a brand-new movie and Simon Kinberg is in talks to produce the project for Paramount Pictures. Puck reports that the X-Men movies producer would be set to join Toby Haynes upcoming film. Early descriptions for the Star Trek reboot refer to a story predating 2009’s Star Trek effort from J.J. Abrams. In this movie, it is unclear who would be the protagonist and what other surprises the script would contain. Also, all the other previously announced projects would be unchanged. Details are scarece, but there’s real movement on this “reboot”-tinged effort.

Previously, fans discovered that Star Wars: Andor‘s Toby Haynes would be directing the new Star Trek movie. On script duties for the upcoming project was Just Beyond‘s Seth Grahame-Smith. For fans of the Kelvin Timeline, it is unclear what this means for Star Trek 4. Paramount has not announced anything massive on that front as there are so many different projects within that universe cooking at the moment. Luckily, for Star Trek fans, it just means more things to look forward to in the near future. Just the prospect of someone involved with Andor joining the party has to be exciting.

While that’s all going on, Star Trek: Section 31 moves steadily ahead! Robert Kazinsky shared news that the movie finished up filming on Instagram. The actor showered love on the cast and crew with a thoughtful note thanking them for working diligently on the long-awaited film. Paramount+ debuts Section 31 exclusively with a lot of familiar faces returning. These original Star Trek movies represent a massive step for the streamer. Director Olatunde Osunsanmi and Oscars darling Michelle Yeoh are beyond excited for people to see the final product.

“And so ends one of the greatest experiences of my life. They say never meet your heroes, but I’m glad I did,” Kazinsky told social media. “I have few bigger heroes in my heart than Star Trek and for the first time in my life a hero exceeded my wildest hope. From day one this was special, not just to me but to everyone here. Olatunde Osunsanmi is the finest Captain I’ve sailed under leading a cast the likes of which I’ve never experienced before. @michelleyeoh_official @omarihardwickofficial @thesamrichardson @svenruygrok @kaceykadoodles @humberly @joe.pingue @augustobitter @miku.martineau James Liao and many others.”

“These guys will blow the world of @startrek off its hinges with the kind of chemistry and camaraderie you only dream of. The endless laughter support and love every single second of every day is something I’ll carry with me forever,” the actor would continue. “As someone who has been watching a Star Trek show my entire life, who restarts as soon as I finish like so many others I know, to be a small part of that giant constellation is the fulfilment of a hope that I felt the first time I ever heard the words ‘Space, the Final Frontier’ I hope you guys like what we made for you. As a die hard Trekker I think you’ll love it.”

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