Star Wars: Andor Reportedly Bringing Back Death Troopers and Mudtroopers

The Star Wars: Andor series coming to Disney+ will be bringing some fan-favorite Stormtroopers back to the screen along with it. Reports are coming in from Star Wars news outlets that both Death Troopers and Mudtroopers will be making a return in Andor. Death Troopers are the all-black-clad Stormtrooper elites that exploded in popularity after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Since Andor is a prequel to that film (and its final fate for Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor), seeing Death Troopers in the show comes as little surprise.

In fact, the bigger question that’s been hanging over Andor is whether or not the commander of the Death Trooper regiment in Rogue One – Ben Mendelsohn’s Commander Krennic – will be making a big cameo (or more) in Andor. The entire quick-pace story of Rogue One begins with Andor being hot on the trail of the super weapon (Death Star) that Krennic is developing. Not hard to see the prequel series deepening the history of why stopping Krennic was a mission Cassian Andor was proud to give his life for.

Mudtroopers (also known as Swamp Troopers) were featured in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Bespin Bulletin points to IMDb listings and sources as confirming the Mudtrooper actors having been cast, as well as a major set piece that seems to feature both Mudtroopers and Death Troopers.

Little has been revealed about Andor (“Prequel series to Star Wars’ ‘Rogue One’, following the adventures of Cassian Andor during the formative years of the Rebellion”). That said, there’s a lot we can infer. Rogue One was admittedly rushed in terms of being able to give proper depth and development to all the (soon-to-be-dead) characters in the large ensemble; still, we got to know enough about Cassian Andor to see what a complex character he is, having made some very gray moral compromises in the name of defeating the Empire and getting the Rebellion started. Star Wars hasn’t yet done a spy-espionage-thriller genre mashup, but Andor is shaping up to be just that.

As for the Death Troopers and Mudtroopers: like all Stormtroopers they are basically just window-dressing that is required for any Star Wars project (or if not Stormtroopers, some uniformed bad guy army with bad aim). We don’t expect much from them – though sequences of Andor have to pull some big spy moves to outfox some elite imperial regiments would be plenty cool.

No released date for Andor has been announced.


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