Stranger Things Star Plays Coy About Final Season Return

Next week, the final two episodes of Stranger Things Season Four will arrive, giving fans nearly four more hours of television to get through as the show’s penultimate season rides off into the sunset. The way things were left with the first batch of Season Four episodes, a select few members of the ensemble were left in the Upside Down as one of them was possessed by Vecna at the last moment.

Managing to escape was one Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), getting out of the Upside Down just before Maya Hawke’s Robin. Now, fans are hoping Munson manages not only survive the last two episodes of Season Four, but return for the show’s fifth and final season. According to Quinn, he’s sworn to secrecy on his Stranger Things future.

“I’ll be furious if they don’t bring me back [laughs],” the said in a recent sitdown with The Guardian. “I’d love to, if they’ll have me.”

According to series co-creator Ross Duffer, Quinn’s character was largely inspired b Damien Echols, a teen convicted of murder at the height of the Satanic Panic. That conviction has since been overturned.

“In this case, something we really wanted to get into this year was the satanic panic. So that brought us back to the Paradise Lost documentary series with the [West] Memphis Three, and it brought us back to Damien Echols,” Duffer said in an interview on the Netflix website. “We really wanted that character who’s a metalhead, he’s into Dungeons & Dragons, he’s ultimately a true nerd at heart. But from an outsider’s point of view, they may go, “This is someone that is scary.” So that’s really where the idea for Eddie came in.”

The first chunk of Stranger Things Season Four is now streaming on Netflix. The last two episodes of the season drop on the streamer July 1st.

What did you think of Stranger Things 4? Are you looking forward to the final episodes arriving in a couple of weeks? Let us know in the comments!


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