Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Confirms a Graphic Feature

Capcom busily revealed a number of Street Fighter 6 features after the game’s initial debut, but after doing so, the Street Fighter creator said the team would be going dark to work on the game with more to share later. However, a gameplay stream conducted this week by Capcom revealed just one more feature before they truly limit what more is said about the game. Thanks to that gameplay that was shown off this week, it looks as though Street Fighter 6 will feature battle damage that persists between rounds.

The gameplay in question that appears to show off battle damage can be seen below featuring Guile and Guile (both with immaculate hair) fighting against one another. As the fight goes on, you’ll notice that the Guiles are looking worse for wear with visible injuries inflicted on them based on damage received.

That’s what “battle damage” means in this case. While it’s a vague term in a fighting game if you’re not already familiar with it, it refers to the visible effects of a fight on a character as they take damage from opponents. It’s sometimes tough to see during the fight itself since everyone’s moving around so much, but in the win screens like the one at the end of the Guile fight, it’s more apparent with one of the Guiles boasting some new bruises and cuts after the brawl.

This feature isn’t exclusive to Street Fighter 6 by any means and has been featured in past Street Fighter games as well as other series like Mortal Kombat. However, it’s not always a feature that people are on board with. Some don’t want to see their favorite characters shown with damage applied to them no matter how graphic. Other implementations of this feature have been criticized in games like Mortal Kombat 9, too, where outfits – particularly those worn by female fighters – were obliterated by battle damage to the point of uselessness.

Sliders or a toggle option are ways to get around the sometimes graphic nature of battle damage if it’s an option that’s supported, but given that it was only just now shown during this stream, it’s too early to tell if that’ll be something Capcom offers.


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