TALES FROM HARROW COUNTY returns to continue Emmy’s story

The new Dark Horse Comics miniseries arrives in May.
Cullen BunnTyler Crook‘s ongoing Harrow County series from Dark Horse Comics may have wrapped up in 2018, but the world of the series was far from done. A pair of previous Tales from Harrow County miniseries have picked up ten years after the series left off, and now Bunn, Crook, and artist Emily Schnall are coming back again with a new Tales miniseries. Tales from Harrow County: Lost Ones will follow the series’ protagonist, Emmy, ten years after the conclusion of the ongoing title. The first issue of the new four-issue series features a main cover by Schnall and a variant cover by Crook.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the series, which is written by Bunn, illustrated by Schnall, and lettered by Crook:
Ten years have passed since Emmy left Harrow County. Since then, a lot has happened in town, but what happened to Emmy herself and what adventures did she go on once she forfeited her magical powers and left town with the Abandoned? In this epic and essential tale find out where life has taken Emmy and what dangers lurk in the shadows waiting for her in this new story taking place outside of Harrow County for the first time.
Harrow County followed Emmy, a young girl who developed magical abilities – and learned that she was the reincarnation of an evil witch whom the residents of Harrow had murdered decades prior. The conclusion of the series saw Emmy relinquish her abilities in order to save the inhabitants of Harrow, and leave the county forever. The two previous Tales from Harrow County series, the 2020 Naomi Franquiz-illustrated Death’s Choir and last year’s Schnall-illustrated Fair Folk, followed Emmy’s friend and now-fully-grown witch, Bernice, as she protected Harrow from magical threats. Lost Ones will be the first Harrow County series to take place outside of the titular locale, and the first to show what Emmy has been up to in the years since the conclusion of the series.
Harrow County is an incredible series, with a world rich with interesting characters and drama, gorgeously illustrated by Crook, and the Tales from minis have expanded on the characters’ stories nicely. I’m excited to see Emmy’s story continue in particular, as her arc in the ongoing series was particularly powerful.
Check out Tyler Crook’s variant cover for Tales from Harrow County: Lost Ones #1 (of 4) below. Look for the issue to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, May 11th.

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