The Batman: Jeffrey Wright Has Only Had "Conversations" About Gotham PD Spinoff

The Batman is set to release and launch a whole new DC movie universe, centered around Gotham City and the heroes and villains who reside in it. Following the film, Colin Farrell will appear in a spinoff series centered around his Penguin. Farrell seems to be more involved with the Penguin series than Jeffrey Wright may be with the Gotham PD spinoff which is also on the way. Wright, who debuts as Commissioner Gordon in The Batman, says, “Those surfaces haven’t been scratched too deeply on my end,” when it comes to the Gotham PD series on HBO Max.

“Those surfaces haven’t been scratched too deeply on my end, either particularly because what I’m really most focused on is getting this film out first,” Wright told “Let’s get this one out before we start considering other things. I mean, I haven’t given it any thought.” Right now, it is not confirmed that Wright will reprise his Jim Gordon role for the upcoming series. Then again, it’s possible Wright and the filmmakers are preserving some surprises. “There have been some conversations about it,” Wright said.

Wright is no stranger to major franchises. In 2021, he appeared in the Bond franchise’s No Time to Die and Marvel’s What If…? animated series. In the years prior, the franchise resum? gets richer for the actor, something he seems to be enjoying. “What I love about these characters and this franchise is that, and I’ve been in some big franchises, you know, just did the latest Bond, did a couple of those Hunger Games… The passion for these films, The Batman films and the comics, is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced as an actor.”

As he gears up for the release of The Batman and a potential involvement in one of the spinoffs, Wright is privy to the discourse from fans which includes their own story suggestions, theories, and idea. “What I love, and we experienced this with Westworld too, is that fans are writers of these pieces as well,” Wright said. “And whole narratives about the direction of the film, and the nature of the characters, and backstories, that I think are as legitimate as anything that’s written, you know, in the comics or on a film script. So, I know that people are have their imaginings about, you know, all these other things. Those are legitimate, but yeah, let’s just get this first one out. Let’s just get the film out.”

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