The Batman: Matt Reeves Breaks Down How Catwoman Helps Bruce Wayne's Awakening

By Charlie Ridgely
The relationship between the Bat and the Cat has been one of the biggest focuses of the marking campaign for Warner Bros. and DC’s new blockbuster film, The Batman. While this will be the debut of a brand new iteration of Bruce Wayne on-screen, the film seems to be putting just as much attention on how Selina Kyle affects his life and way of thinking. In a way, Catwoman is central to Bruce becoming the version of Batman he ultimately wants to be.
While speaking to Movie Maker, writer/director Matt Reeves opened up about the importance of Selina Kyle in The Batman. Not only is she both a foil and a love interest, she also helps wake Bruce up to certain realities. 
“It takes a very special safety net to even be able to do what he’s doing,” Reeves explained. “Yes, OK: He’s risking his life, but he’s risking his life in the way that only someone who has all the resources that he has can do. He absolutely has privilege, there’s no question. He was born with privilege. He is a descendant of city royalty.”
“I wanted him to have an awakening of sorts where he would question her about what she was doing,” the director added. “And she says, you know, I don’t know who you are. But whoever you are, you obviously grew up rich.”
Zoe Kravitz, who stars alongside Robert Pattinson as Selina Kyle, also talked a bit about the role her character has in Batman’s story. They’re very different people, but they’re also similar in quite a few ways, and those similarities will help bridge the gaps between their ideologies.
“Selina has had a very difficult life, and has lived on the street, and is trying to survive,” said Kravitz. “She really knows how scary the world is. Just based off of certain things that Batman says, she can tell he grew up wealthy.”
“It’s a really interesting dynamic, and yet, they are very similar. And that really is about them having similar values and being people who do want to take what they believe in into their own hands,” she continued. “They’ve both also felt like outsiders their entire lives. But I think she has a much harsher view of the world, maybe a nihilistic view.”
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The Batman arrives in theaters on March 4th.
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