The Batman: Zoe Kravitz Earns Praise From Fellow Catwoman Stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry

Zoe Kravitz got the Catwoman seal of approval from Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer on Instagram. The Batman actress posted about the movie being out in theaters right now and the former women to wear the mask had some encouragement. Both posted some emojis but Berry also commented, “yassssssss!!! Can’t wait… meow!” It’s always fun to see people who played the part before support the next actor up. If the fan reaction to this movie so far is any indication, people are enjoying Kravitz’s take on Selina Kyle. It’s a bit different than both of the women who commented on her IG picture, but still very interesting in its own right. With the world of comic book movies as it is right now, fans might get to see Catwoman even sooner than the inevitable Batman follow-up movie. HBO Max could have series in store for a lot of the supporting characters from The Batman. Check out her post down below!

Previously, Berry offered some advice for Kravitz ahead of the movie’s release. She stressed that the actress should be true to herself because that’s what matters. “I haven’t seen it yet. But, get ready! They might come for you,” Berry opined. “But don’t let that affect her interpretation of who she thinks Catwoman might be. And I personally think she’s going to be a wonderful Catwoman.”

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Just this week, Kravitz appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. During that interview, she revealed that she drank milk like a cat to prepare for the role. Even this small joke led fans to speculate what she would be bringing to the role.

“I was really inspired by that,” she explained. “I watched a bunch of cat videos, feline videos, watching them fight. And what I was so interested by was the fact that you can’t read their face at all. Which is why I think people are kind of creeped out by them. You can’t tell what they’re going to do…They don’t care! They were the hardest thing to control during the shooting. We were doing crazy stunts and all that was fine. But, then like getting a cat to stay in one place? Impossible.”

The Batman is slinking around theaters right now.

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