The Boys Season 3 Debuts With Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

The Boys Season 3 has revealed its Rotten Tomatoes score – a shockingly perfect 100% Fresh with 18 reviews having been submitted (at the time of writing this). The Boys has typically been a hit with critics on the aggregate sites: The Boys Season 1 scored 85% Fresh, while Season 2 scored 97% Fresh. Needless to say, Amazon Studios and The Boys have wasted no time celebrating the big win for the series in its third installment, posting this chest-thumping promo to social media:

The first reviews are in for #TheBoys Season 3 – currently it’s #Fresh at 100% on the #Tomatometer, with 18 reviews:

UPDATE: Since The Boys released this celebratory promo for the Season 3 Rotten Tomatoes score, the situation has, admittedly, changed. The Boys Season 3 now sits at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a total of 28 reviews submitted. That’s lowers the Season 2’s 97% with 102 reviews submitted, but still significantly higher than Season 1.

In’s official review of The Boys Season 3, we had the following take: this show is still as surprising and violent as ever!

“Where The Boys continues to excel is in its ability to totally lampoon real-life events, both the insane reality of modern politics and the nature of corporate branding/capitalism,” ComicBook critic Spencer Perry writes. “Countless other topics are touched upon with stinging satire… and they’re all given a proper spin to fit into the world. That said, some viewers may find the show exhausting at times, largely because it’s reacting to the last five years of our lives in major ways.”

Perry also notes that The Boys is about to take the big step of outlasting its own comic book source material:

“The Boys as a TV show is entering a rare territory, one where it has staked its own claim with the property and seems poised to exceed its source material in many ways,” Perry says. “While Ennis and Robertson’s comics will always be present and available for readers, TV series creator Kripke has elevated the material to fit our current era like how the original text was a major response to early-2000s politics. Both versions of this story, in print and on screen, contain elements that will tragically always be timeless, but The Boys TV series has found where it can improve on its source, and it’s done that.”

The Boys Season 3 premieres on Prime Video on June 3rd.


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