The Bureau of Restructured Anatomy Debuts with Magnificent Breast Expansion

A new original series from BE Story Club author SaburoX and illustrator J.J. McQuade, Bureau of Restructured Anatomy: Interrogation introduces a world of scientific breast expansion, corporate intrigue, and mysterious government agents.

Chapter one tells the story of how genius scientist Dr. Jillian Hoover came to be recruited by the Bureau of Restructured Anatomy, also known as BRA. After her career of exceptional research at Paragon Consumer Products is undermined when the dumb, beautiful, and busty Julie is promoted to head of R&D, Jillian takes her own research and development to the extreme in order to get the attention and revenge she deserves.

While Julie contributes riveting sex scenes as she screws her way to the top of Paragon, the unbridled ambition and girl next door looks of Jillian shoot through the roof following her enthralling breast expansion scene. As engaging as the sex and breast expansion is, it’s the story of jealousy and blind ambition that makes this series a cant-miss read.

Chapter one also introduces an attractively arrogant yet unnamed agent, as well as the man in charge Mister Brendan Ashcroft. Though not much is known of them yet, their strong personalities should play well with the spunky Jillian as the story unfolds.

There’s no telling where this story will go from here, but with Mister Ashcroft offering Jillian a position with BRA, it’s a safe bet that what follows will be packed with expanding anatomy and high-stakes scheming.

As always, SaburoX’s storytelling is outstanding. He weaves effortlessly through flashbacks and present time, creating an absorbing narration that transcends genre. J.J McQuade’s art is also impeccable, bringing the story to life with vivid illustrations of voluptuous beauties and intense facial expressions.

Don’t fall behind on this incredible new series. Visit to check out chapter one.

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