THE INCAL UNIVERSE expands in new graphic novels from Humanoids

A trio of new Incal Universe OGNs from all-star creators will be previewed in Humanoid’s Free Comic Book Day offering.
Humanoids has announced a trio of new graphic novels set to expand the universe of Alejandro JodorowskyMœbius‘s seminal graphic novel The Incal. The newly-revealed The Incal Universe books will feature work from all-star creative teams including Mark RussellYanick PaquetteDan Watters & Jon Davis-Hunt, and Brandon Thomas Pete Woods.

Readers will get their first look at the three new Incal graphic novels in May with the Humanoids Free Comic Book Day special. The issue will include teasers for Russell & Paquette’s Psychoverse, Watters & Davis-Hunt’s Dying Star, and Thomas & Woods’s Kill Wolfhead. No word yet on the release schedule for the three books, but it’s likely they’ll be out over the course of 2022 and into 2023.
In a statement announcing the Incal expansion, Humanoids CEO Fabrice Giger and publisher Mark Waid both expressed their enthusiasm about the new books, and what makes the world of The Incal ripe for further exploration:
“Four decades after its publication, the world of THE INCAL remains a shock to the system and a transcendent work,” said Humanoids CEO, Fabrice Giger. “This new INCAL UNIVERSE project, to which Alejandro Jodorowsky has given his blessing, will open the door for a new generation of readers to discover all new adventures featuring John Difool, the Metabaron, Kill Wolfhead, and the Incal.”
“The world of the Incal, the Matterverse, is full of strange technology, astonishing worlds, and extraordinary creations,” said Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid. “THE INCAL UNIVERSE titles are designed to drop readers into this universe, just like John Difool was once, in the opening pages of THE INCAL.”
The Incal is currently in development as a feature film, with Taika Waititi attached to direct, so it makes a lot of sense that Humanoids would want to capitalize on that buzz by releasing new stories set in that world. The caliber of the talent involved makes it clear this is no mere cash-grab, though.
Look for Free Comic Book Day: The Incal Universe in stores in May, and keep an eye out for release dates for the three new graphic novels.
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