The Last of Us Fans Are Emotional Wrecks After Episode 5's Ending: "My Heart Hurts"

Spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us fifth episode are included in the article below, please proceed with caution.

The Last of Us episode 5 concluded in yet another devastating way, something fans are probably realizing is a running theme. The Last of Us is based on a pretty emotional video game that just absolutely traumatizes the player within the first 15 minutes of the game. This kind of relentless and honest storytelling continues through its entire duration, which is a big part of why fans fell in love with it. Of course, that’s important to sustain when you adapt it and HBO has done so expertly.

Unfortunately, just after getting to know brothers Henry and Sam in the fifth episode of The Last of Us, fans had to say goodbye to them. The two brothers are forced into a pretty tragic situation where they must escape the city they live in. Joel and Ellie realize they need that they can all form a mutually beneficial alliance, but it results in no shortage of chaos. Despite the fact that the whole group survives a stand off with an army of resistance fighters and a giant attack from the infected, they didn’t last much longer. In the heat of the moment, Sam is bitten and hides his infection from everyone except for Ellie. Likely assuming he won’t turn immediately, she sleeps next to him, but is attacked by him the next morning. Henry is forced to kill his own brother with Joel’s gun, but he can’t live with the guilt and kills himself.

It’s awful and fans aren’t taking it too well. Of course, anyone who has played the games knows this moment fairly well and it’s done very faithfully. As if we didn’t suffer enough when we experienced it in the game, the show somehow finds a way to make it infinitely more painful and harder to process. The episode ends on a down note, but hopefully, things will be mildly lighter in the next episode.

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“stay awake with me” is gonna be on my mind for the rest of the week my heart is hurting? #TheLastOfUs

this damn show #TheLastOfUs

I knew! I knew what was gonna fuckin happen and yet ??? #TheLastOfUs

I know the story by heart and godfucking damnit it still gets me. EVERY FUCKING TIME, such an awesome and heartbreaking episode. #TheLastOfUs

I’m sorry but if you don’t think #TheLastOfUs is one of the best shows ever then you’re wrong! That episode was heartbreaking, terrifying and incredible! ??

The Last of Us fans reprocessing trauma from episode five. #TheLastOfUs #HBO

My heart hurts ? #TheLastOfUs

#TheLastOfUs Seeing the tears role down @BellaRamsey face broke my heart. She’s captured Ellie’s emotions and mannerisms well?

every time i watch the last of us i think “surely it can only go up from here” and then the most traumatic thing i’ve ever seen happens

Just watched the last of us episode 5


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