The Last of Us TV Show Leaks Reveal More Scenes Straight from the Game

As work on HBO’s The Last of Us series continues, we’ve continuously gotten unofficial, behind-the-scenes looks at different moments from the TV show via those who’ve been nearby the filming locations in Calgary. Some of those past leaks have shown what appear to be new additions to The Last of Us’ story while others have appeared to portray almost 1:1 recreations of moments from the games. Another of those leaks shared just recently showed more of the latter which makes for a welcome sign of the show’s faithfulness to the game.

The Twitter account aptly named TheLastofUsTV has been one of the primary circulators of these leaks even if they originated from other individuals and have been credited as such. Earlier this week, the account shared a series of four different photos alongside screenshots from the game which showed what those set pieces looked like in Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. While there are naturally some differences between the versions shown in the game and in the TV series, the accuracy is pretty remarkable.

TLoU set – bus depot (video game vs tv series comparison)

pics jaimep007
screenshots @Joanastic

For those who may not have been following along with these sorts of unofficial previews of The Last of Us, the work done in Calgary including this location seen in the screenshots appears to be an encampment occupied by the Hunters, one of the various factions seen in The Last of Us.

According to the Twitter account which shared the leaked photos above, filming recently wrapped up in Olds, a town in Alberta, Canada. From there, production will reportedly head back to Calgary for some more scenes to be filmed.

#TheLastofUs has wrapped up production in the Town of Olds. Bus depot events will be filmed in Calgary on Sunday and Monday.

? Olds

Most of these shots of The Last of Us have been focused more on the scenery and the settings as opposed to the characters themselves, though we still have gotten at least one or two looks at the show’s versions of Joel and Ellie. Joe is of course played by Pedro Pascal, the star of various works like The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones, while Bella Ramsey who’s also known from Game of Thrones will play Ellie. HBO has not yet given the show a release date.


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