The Most Replayed Part of The Thor: Love & Thunder Trailer Is Exactly What You Think It Is

The butt on Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor is currently snagging the Internet in a causality loop that it may never escape – it the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer is any indication. When the official Thor 4 trailer dropped, the Internet immediately went wild over a scene in which a chained-up Thor has his clothes “flicked” away by Zeus (Russell Crowe), only to have the magical maneuver go too far, leaving Thor bare-assed in chains, in front of all the watching crowds of Olympus. Spectators fainted from the hotness overload, and apparently so did a lot of people in real life. Then they woke up and hit rewind. Multiple times.

The photo above from Marvel YouTube clearly shows the spike in viewer replays when we get to the sequence where Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is standing in the buff. It certainly makes sense, as it’s not hard to imagine Marvel fans stopping for some “in-depth” research on the scene – we imagine the blurred image of Hemsworth standing nude has been run through just about every buffer and/or filter that could possibly remove those pesky pixels.

Director Taika Waititi and Marvel Studios certainly know, by now, what helps fill seats for these Thor movies. A big part of it (since Kenneth Branaugh’s first Thor film) is showing off the well-sculpted man-meat that is Chris Hemsworth in these films. Hemsworth certainly deserves to show it all off, this time: the actor has been hard at work on his physique for years now, since Thor: Love and Thunder ended up getting hit with significant delays during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hemsworth showed fans what “dedication” is all about, when he kept on training and sharing videos of that intense process on social media.

Hemsworth has gone on to turn the lemon of Thor 4‘s delay and his extended fitness training into a lucrative lemonade business. Hemsworth and his training team have launched “Centr Power program,” a virtual fitness program that brings Hemsworth’s superhero workouts home to his legions of fans and admirers:

“I’ve had a lot of questions about my prep and training for Thor over the years. This time round I was fortunate enough to have a solid period at home to try a multitude of nutritional and training methods, to build the strongest version of myself and the character yet,” Hemsworth posted. From that I decided to design a fully guided program on how I achieved those results. Eat, train, sleep repeat! With our Centr Power program.”

Thor: Love and Thunder will be in theaters on July 8, 2022.


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