The Office: John Krasinski Reveals Iconic Prop He Stole From Set

John Krasinski is a thief, and he’s finally coming clean about it.

Krasinski is doing press about his new family film IF; however, the recent news that The Office franchise is going to continue with a reboot series naturally raises some new questions on that subject. John Krasinski starred in the original US version of The Office as Jim Halpern, the slacker paper salesman who falls in love with his co-worker, receptionist Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) during the show.

Fischer and Anglea Kinsey (who played fickle accountant Angela) recently had Krasinski on their Office re-watch podcast, Office Ladies. When reminiscing about his last day on the set of the show, Krasinski took a detour into a darker tale of theft:

“I’m choking up just talking about it, but then when you come back in and see your TV dad and all of your family waiting there and clapping, and [Greg Daniels] said, ‘That’s the end of The Office,’ I think the color black came out of my mouth. It was just the scariest, most beautiful, horrific moment of my life,” Krasinski said. He then admitted that after that heartfelt final moment with the cast and crew, he went to steal one of the most coveted props on set: the Dunder Mifflin company sign.

The act of theft wasn’t as smooth as, say, an Ocean’s Eleven heist; Krasinksi was quickly caught in the act by his Office co-star Angela Kinsey as he was trying to figure how to get the sign into his car: “I was like, don’t look over here!” Krasinski said. “It wasn’t quite dark enough, so it just looked like I was putting a body in a car.”

Kinsey was a true ride-or-die accomplice, though: she never spilled the beans… until speaking about it on the podcast. Krasinski had jokes about her “betrayal,” saying, “Well, now you did [confess]. You told everyone. And I was dressed like a cat burglar.”

The theft was anything but a ‘victimless crime’; The Office creator Greg Daniels wanted to be the one to take the sign home – and even approached Krasinski about the matter when the sign went missing:

“I’ve always lied to Greg that I didn’t take it, but I did. I stole it,” Krasinski confessed. “He goes, ‘Aw, that was the one thing I wanted.'”

The Office is streaming on Peacock, The Office sequel series is in development.


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