The Outfit: Zoey Deutch Shares Insights About Rare Filming Style

The Outfit had a rare advantage which served as a luxury most major film productions don’t possess. The Focus Features movie filmed in chronological order. Set entirely in a suit shop with merely a couple of exterior shots bringing the audience outside of the 1950’s Chicago location, The Outfit used this as an opportunity to film each page of its script in the order in which it would be read. In an interview with, The Outfit star Zoey Deutch shared why this was so advantageous for the cast and crew.

“I think it’s an advantage in every way, for everybody,” Deutch said. “One of the things that’s really interesting about making action movies or anything involving blood, if there’s any fight scenes or whatever, let’s say there’s a giant action sequence, and one of the characters, there’s blood on his face or whatever. What happens if you shoot the scene that happens after before that, and you don’t know exactly how the fight’s going to happen, where the blood is. It becomes very annoying and complicated for everybody involved. The director, the special effects people, the actors, the stunt people, it becomes a whole thing.”

This filming style proves to be advantageous in more ways than one. Not only does the make-up department have an opportunity to continue with the same designs on cast members as the film progresses but as parts of the set move or get destroyed, they can remain that way for the rest of the production until another part of the story calls for it to change again.

“For instance, in this movie, even though there’s no blood on me or him or anyone, I’m not revealing anything…You get to just focus on the scenes and see how things play out,” Deutch explained. “You get to really just roll with the punches and enjoy the process of what feels like a play, of making a play.” The actress added, “Things become more authentic and less forced, as a result of that.”

The Outfit has been a project in the works for quite some time. The cast had quite some time to prep for this chronological production. “I read it five years ago,” Deutch revealed, noting that she had read it two years before her co-star Dylan O’Brien.
No, individually. I think we all had our own little experiences at first reading it when it was sent to us.

Deutch and her co-star O’Brien also shared their thoughts on joining Marvel or DC franchise films, production which would be considerably different from that of The Outfit. Are you excited to see The Outfit? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram. The Outfit is now playing in theaters.


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