The Outfit's Dylan O'Brien, Zoey Deutch Discuss Marvel, DC Role Wishes

The Outfit is set to hit theaters this weekend but one of its stars is making headlines not only for this new film but for a hot comic book role rumor. Dylan O’Brien, known well for his work in films since as Maze Runner or the Teen Wolf TV saga, has become a the focal point of Nightwing casting rumor. There is no confirmation that O’Brien will be portraying DC’s Dick Grayson in any of the upcoming DC Comics films like The Flash, Batgirl, or a The Batman sequel just yet and O’Brien has already acknowledged the rumors. While speaking to, O’Brien revealed how often things like this happen to him and his Outfit co-star Zoey Deutch revealed a desire of her own to become a super hero.

When the rumors begin, O’Brien admits he does look into the characters and see what’s really going on. “I think we do it every time,” he says in the exclusive interview seen above. “Yeah, it’s only happened to me, like, once or twice. This is certainly the most prominent time, you know? And, yeah, I’m always picking up a phone going, ‘Hey, what’s, you know, what’s going on on the professional side of things?'” So far, the professional side of things seems to be quiet when it comes to the Nightwing role, unless O’Brien is hitting those Andrew Garfield levels of secret-keeping strategies.

Deutch, who is one of several highlights of Focus Features’ new The Outfit film, does admit that she wants to play a Marvel hero. “I am dying to be… I want to be… I want to be in the Marvel Universe so badly,” she says.

O’Brien, who has seen this play out before, had a warning for her before she said too much more. “That’s gonna trend,” he said with a laugh.

When asked if she has characters in mind, Deutch seems to know a thing or two about roles she would be a fit for. She simpply says, “There’s a couple of people, but…” Roles which Deutch could have been up for recently might have been Black Widow’s Yelena Belova which went to Florence Pugh or the Madame Web movie’s role which recently went to Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, to name a few big recent female hero castings. It is unknown whether or not Deutch has yet auditioned for any such role but she is certainly game for one!

Would you like to see O’Brien as Nightwing? What Marvel hero could Zoey Deutch check in as? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram! The Outfit opens in theaters this weekend.


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