The plot thickens in Master PC

Let’s face it: with the best will in the world, a lot of adult comics have only the barest skeleton of a story. The premise of the story just exists to give the characters an excuse to have sex — and “characters” might be a strong word. Some of the time, there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you want something a little more sophisticated. Well, Master PC, a classic story over at, has you covered. This one’s got a more complicated narrative than most, and it comes with a few surprising twists.

The premise is simple — well, relatively simple. Handsome young karate instructor Jack Walters has a frosty relationship with his father, wealthy industrialist Sam. Sam cares for his son, but he’s not exactly great at expressing it. With the boy’s birthday coming up, Sam decides to get him the ultimate gift. While you or I might go for a nice new sweater or an Amazon gift card, Sam has bigger ideas. You see, for reasons never fully explored, Sam has control of the eponymous Master PC, a device that can essentially rewrite a person, making them into whatever its controller desires. Sam offers Jack Julie, a girl designed to be his ideal woman — but Jack wants none of it.

You see, young Jack is in love with tough, independent martial artist Jessica, but it’s complicated. Sam decides to help out his son’s love life by using Master PC to solve his relationship with Jessica — and we’re off! The resulting tangled plot drags in not only Sam, Jack, Julie and Jessica but (deep breath), Sam’s assistant Tara, his maid Sandra, Jessica’s roommate Carla, Jessica’s sister Jennifer, Tara’s girlfriend/sex-slave Megan, her sister Beth, Julie’s friend Bree, aaaaaand a waitress named Laura. Complicated? Certainly, but it’s mostly kept clear by the art and dialogue (although changing Jessica’s hair colour part of the way through confused me for a bit).

The complicated plot, created by JR Parz, allows for a wide range of situations. With all the characters, there are lots of interesting pairings, and the sex scenes range from the comical to the genuinely romantic. But there’s more than just sex here — we get intrigue, action sequences and a good amount of comedy. As always, artist Peter Logan shines in particular in the comic moments — there’s something about the way he draws faces that makes them particularly expressive in humorous scenes. He also has the challenging task of drawing a cast of ten sexy women and making them all look different from each other, a task that most mainstream comic artists don’t even try. Seriously, most comic artists are lucky female superheroes have distinctive costumes.

Another thing that really impressed me about Master PC is — and this is going to sound kind of ridiculous — that it deals with its premise in a realistic fashion. Most bimbofication stories are expressions of a fantasy, and they work according to the rules of fantasy. But Parz actually tries to imagine how people would react to these transformations, and concludes (rightly, I think) that they might not actually be all that thrilled. That doesn’t mean that this is some tortured soul-searchign story, or even a sci-fi conspiracy thriller. It’s a romantic comedy that begins with the premise of a sci-fi conspiracy thriller. It even has a (quite charming) happy ending! But along the way it’s got all the punch-outs, high-concept weirdness, bra-busting transformations, domination fantasies and lesbian foursomes that you don’t generally find in the typical romantic comedy.

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